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Stephen D. Carlile 

Born in 1948 in Portland, Oregon, I first began my banking career in February of 1967, working for the First National Bank of Oregon in Portland. Enlisted in the US Air Force in 1968 and served as a communications intelligence analyst in Europe and then flying in 103 combat missions over SE Asia during the Vietnam War. 

Married Lola Carlile in 1972 and reared 3 boys, first in Austin, Texas, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Texas, Austin, and restarted my banking career, working for Citizens State Bank and then United Bank over the next 14 years. I moved back to Oregon in 1986 to further my education where I earned two degrees from Willamette University in 1990:  Masters of Management and Doctor of Jurisprudence, whereupon I began the practice of law for the next twenty years before retiring in 2010.

I’ve always had an interest in politics and worked on two Republican statewide campaigns while residing in Texas. However, we now find ourselves in a more critical political environment today than in the last 40 years. I believe we all have to do more than educate ourselves on the issues, donate to our political party, and vote. We must engage each other, help each other, and urge each other to step forward and work at protecting our American values, liberties, and freedoms that will surely disappear forever, if we sit idly by and wait for someone else to lead the way.



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“In God I Trust”