"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." -Ben Franklin

WATCH: Dr. Ben Carson on
Equity versus Equality

Dr. Ban Carson in interview

“Renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson tells his powerful story of overcoming poverty and cultural racism to become a true success. Dr. Carson sits down with Kevin Freeman to discuss his new book, “Created Equal.” They have a frank discussion about racism and what we must do to solve it. He says, “We are not each other’s enemy, but need to direct our anger to those who are creating the division because that’s the real problem.” 

Flashback: In 2021 who would have believed rights could be taken so fast under a dictator Governor?... BUT

Now former Oregon Governor Kate Brown has participated in events sponsored by Chinese Communist Party propaganda groups flagged by the U.S. State Department for “directly and malignly influenc[ing]” American officials, The National Pulse can reveal… read the story

America's Frontline Doctors treating Covid without need for an RNA modifying "vaccine" experiment

Major doctors across the nation have banded together with the solution involving inexpensive therapeutics. Read more. It may save your life.

Aug. 29, 2021

Pastor Hank Kunneman, preaches from the pulpit in Omaha about election fraud, defying forced vaccine, “wussy pastors,” and God’s plans for America …like the preachers did in revolutionary days. Watch Sunday service, learn more about why the British named the colony’s preachers this pejorative term, burned down churches.

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Battle of Monongahela Washington miracle
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WATCH ... Christian worship leader Sean Feucht Aug. 8 at PDX Waterfront Park
In July, Polk Republicans became 2nd party in the U.S. to adopt the motto "In God we trust" Read story
A law robbing you of 2nd Amendment rights will be enacted in October, unless sufficient sigs. are gathered (see story above)

Save your children from your local government school district's massive potential for abuse in the schools

Masks toxic to children. New AMA mask study: 6x more CO2 than in a dangerous room.

Nearly 11,000 Americans already killed by the "vaccines" as reported in federal database

6x more toxic than dangerous room

Monster Fauci, CDC want 2+ year-olds to be masked in schools or segregated as pariahs from vaccinated maskless students; yet new AMA study warns of poisonous level of CO2 under those masks.

Dangerous mask CO2 levels (6x worse than toxic room): Read story | print story for distribution | AMA Journal study

Meanwhile, internal Fauci emails: he states typically used masks are ineffective to stop spread of China virus (the lab virus that he helped to fund)! Newsweek article | print version

Children 50x more likely to die from vaccine than from the virus, according to form Pfizer VP | Watch interview

What is your local school board doing? Will they teach hate based on a child’s skin color? Will they force LGBTQ brainwashing? Find out! Demand accountability.

Doctors successfully treating Covid-19

Talks from Clay Clark's Health and Freedom Conferences

Dr. Simone Gold:
The truth about the medical profession

Dr. Mark Sherwood has treated over 8,000 Covid patients with zero deaths!

Real America's Voice Live TV